SSL Vulnerabilities Analyzer is a tool which can detect whether a SSL service is vulnerable to the several known weak encryption protocols.
The program can scan for the use of ciphers in SSL that are considered to be weak or obsolete. Additionally, it can scan for implementations of the RC4 and the RC2 cipher, two ciphers that are under attack since a long time.
It is also possible to check if the domain is vulnerable to the known BEAST attack and, in turn, to scan for the use of the vulnerable versions of the TLS protocol.
In short, the program is able to find out whether the web server in question uses the weak ciphers.
Additionally, it is possible to check the server security configuration for the use of weak authentication methods and weak public key encryption.
Therefore, the program provides a complete and handy set of tools for detection and assessment of the SSL vulnerabilities.

SSL Certs for

What is SSL/TLS?

TLS stands for the Transport Layer Security protocol and is a mandatory feature of all browsers. When you connect to a website on the internet, the website will display an image or a string of text that the website name is provided in green. This is called a seal or a certificate and is provided by a trusted company, which in this case is a certificate authority.

What does it do?

Every page displayed by a website contains a URL, which in this case is When you click on a URL, your browser will start communication with the server via an encrypted channel, called SSL. The purpose of this encryption is to ensure that the information you send to the website, your username and password, for example, will be safe and will not be known by anyone else, including hackers.

How do you get one?

If you want to add SSL to your site, you will first need to register and pay for a certificate from a certificate authority.

For that, you will need a unique name, or DNS address. By registering an SSL certificate for, will have an SSL address such as This will be displayed in green when a user opens the URL. The certificate will remain valid until it expires.

To add SSL, you will need a trusted certificate authority. For our example, we will choose a free certificate authority. We will therefore choose GlobalSign and sign 4f8c9c8613

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Animated screensaver that displays a GE90 high by-pass turbo fan engine. You can select from a few speed options, change the included picture, change the background color, and much more.
What’s New in Version 1.2.0:
* Change the theme color to be more white for overall better readability in the dark
* Use the command line option “-n” to disable screen saver, as desired
* Include a background image for the engine.
* Include “Options” screen
* Update the title screen to reflect the included background image
* Optimized icons for speed
What’s New in Version 1.2.0:
* Change the theme color to be more white for overall better readability in the dark
* Use the command line option “-n” to disable screen saver, as desired
* Include a background image for the engine.
* Include “Options” screen
* Optimized icons for speed
How to use this screensaver:
Simply download the file to a folder on your computer. It will be placed in the folder (or directly to the desktop) where you downloaded the screensaver from.
Then select the folder containing the screensaver from the file list on the right side of your desktop.
After a couple seconds, a JPG preview will open and you will be able to select the size you want for your screensaver. After choosing the size, you will see the screensaver change and you can select the speed, image, etc… of the screensaver.
After you are done selecting, you can click “Start”. The screensaver will start automatically.
Don’t forget to uninstall the screensaver after use.
You can find more instructions on the screensaver page:


LEIGH’S BULLETIN 3D (C) by Leigh Scott Smith
All copyright reserved.
Screenshots may be used for non-commercial purposes only.
Email all inquires to:


DIANA’S WORLD, released in 2008, is a 3D graphics engine with very few limitations.
DIANA’S WORLD is a freeware and runs under Microsoft Windows.
DIANA’S WORLD is not open source software, however,