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Triton program is what is known as an “exploiter”. It can be used to probe websites for possible vulnerabilities based on user-customisable pre-defined lists.
This is a follow up to the Triton 0.3 program with a great number of improvements.
Triton should only be used against sites where you have the permission to do so.







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Triton: a customizable scanner tailored for web application testing.
It can be installed from these locations:

Release Notes
Version 0.4
This version provides the following changes:
* Can be used against web applications.
* (previously only against web server software)
* Support for HTTP GET and POST parameters.
* Can now specify the port number of the target server
* Other minor changes
Version 0.3
This version provides the following changes:
* Documented all program arguments
* Added additional command line options
* Put a few more bugs
* Improved the program to be able to handle HTTP/HTTPS web services that use a namespace for their authorization.1. Field of the Invention
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The Triton Activation Code software is a tool that can probe web servers in order to find new vulnerabilities.
Once a vulnerability is located, it is analyzed and potentially exploited, so that an attacker can get access to a web server.
The user can define and customize some rules that will be used to probe each website found.
There is a list of bugs and exploits available in Triton Crack For Windows.
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Triton is a rootkit for Windows that detects and exploits vulnerabilities within web applications.
What Triton does:
Triton is a rootkit program that can be used to exploit vulnerabilities in websites and web applications.
triton has two modes:
– The Vulnerable mode (abbrev. v. mode) where it scans vulnerable websites
– The Exploit mode (abbrev. e. mode) where it automatically downloads exploits to the victim’s PC from the internet
Triton is capable of executing a broad range of malicious attacks for the purpose of capturing information, bypassing security and detecting weaknesses in software, including stored keys and other sensitive information.
Triton uses a complex intrusion detection system (IDS) that uses a number of different techniques to detect attacks and flaws in the target application.
Triton uses a number of different techniques in the IDS to detect and intercept attacks:
– Sockets, TROJAN: Exploits exist that are so dangerous that they have their own nickname: Trojans
Trojans are usually written in C, C++, Java, or other related computer languages.
The Trojan exploits a bug in a web browser, and the Trojan will directly do its harm by downloading and executing the server’s code that is written in Python.
– File Monitoring: Monitoring the existence, modification and access of files in the filesystem, along with information about them.
Files that are used for some kind of business, and are thus highly sensitive and valuable to the system, are examined to see if there is any attempt at stealing their access information.
– Process Monitoring: Monitoring the behaviour of processes in the computer, such as IDS of windows services, and even web servers
– Thread Monitoring: Monitor the usage of threads in the OS, and other similar processes that are running on the system
– Sandbox Detection: Triton makes use of some sort of code-sandbox, which makes it very difficult for the Trojan to harm the victim.
– Data Validation: The malware makes use of some logic and rules of security to make sure that data is not corrupt
– Possible Token Manipulation: The Triton program monitors access to the file system as well as to the processes, to detect what kind of attacks are performed.
Triton scans for vulnerable websites by sending requests to the server that you are trying to exploit
Triton can also be used to develop your own malicious and powerful online

What’s New In Triton?

Triton allows you to find common vulnerabilities in web applications using the OWASP Top 10, the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), or a selection of your own.
You select a Web Application Type, a URL or IP address, scan options (i.e. User-Defined Lists), and Triton does the rest!
Triton is an Internet-based Intrusion Detection System, that is able to probe any number of Web- and Intranet-sites.
Intriguing, but what does Triton have to do with security?
The goal of Triton is to find as many vulnerabilities as possible in the application under inspection, but is also capable of detecting vulnerable software on the server before the site visitor does.
In the case of unpatched software a visitor may even crash the server, which can be a big deal because it can even cause loss of business.
Triton specializes on “high-risk” sites. These are the sites you want to test to make sure you won’t catch and possibly crash them!
With the right rules/scans to chose from, Triton can find “numerous” unpatched XSS or command-injection vulnerabilities, for example.
“Undiscovered” XSS vulnerabilities are common. Triton can test sites for dozens of publicly known vulnerabilities on a single scan.
Triton is not a new software, it has been out there for a while and has proven to be very reliable and accurate.
Triton is able to scan sites in an automated way, this provides a faster result and saves you the task of compiling a spreadsheet to find vulnerabilities.
How does Triton achieve that?
Triton uses a number of techniques to search for vulnerable web applications. This includes:

Armed with that information, you have a better idea of what sort of vulnerabilities could be present on your network. From a security standpoint that’s really important because you know what to look for.
Scans, normally fixed
Scans, non-fixed

As you can see, Triton does not rely solely on existing fixes to expose vulnerabilities, but uses a number of techniques to find vulnerable applications.
What are the limitations of Triton?
Triton is built on known, well tested and well documented techniques and technologies and should not create any vulnerabilities of its own. The script is able to detect vulnerabilities from a number of well

System Requirements For Triton:

Windows XP (SP3) or later
Minimum system requirements for the PlayStation®2 version are the following.
CPU: Pentium 100 or higher, Athlon XP or higher
Memory: 4MB or higher
Hard Disk: 8MB or higher
Graphics Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible video card with 256MB memory or higher
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card with 96MB memory or higher
Please note that compatibility with the Windows operating system varies by the manufacturer of the video game. Therefore,