If you import data to Wealth-Lab from the Wealth-Lab online site, you can use the KEYMACRO to enter the relevant data using the following steps:
– Import the data from the Wealth-Lab online site
– Go to the “TODDIM” menu
– Select the “KEYMACRO” item
– Edit the “KEYMACRO” text file (created by the KEYMACRO)
When you import the KEYMACRO data, you can change the values in the windows with the following steps:
– Go to the “TODDIM” menu
– Select the “KEYMACRO” item
– Edit the “KEYMACRO” text file (created by the KEYMACRO)
Why should you use KEYMACRO to enter data?
Some of the entries in the file will have dates that are not recognised by Wealth-Lab.
The KEYMACRO converts those dates into the Wealth-Lab standard – the same format as the website uses for data entry.
For further information on how to use the KEYMACRO, go to the following WEALTH-LAB page:
Suggested email address:

This application is intended to help you convert Wealth-Lab Charting to CSV or TXT format.
This is a standalone version of the software that used to be bundled with the Wealth-Lab Charting software.
Click on the Start button to launch the application.
In the Start Import window,
Click the Import button to import data to Wealth-Lab.
Click the Export button to export Wealth-Lab data to a CSV or TXT file.
Click the View button to view the properties of the selected Wealth-Lab file.
You can select a different Wealth-Lab charting software file by clicking the Browse button.
Click Import.
You can close the Start Import window.
Click the Export button to export the data in Wealth-Lab to a CSV or TXT file.
When you export data to a Wealth-Lab file, you can:
– Change the file name
– Change the date format and the time format
– Change the date and time delimiter
– Change the OHLC volume
– Change the OHLC values
You can also:
– Change the date d82f892c90

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Keymacro is a comprehensive solution that is best suited for a wide range of users. Its price is very attractive and the program is generally more than enough for all users. It can be a suitable choice for those who seek quality