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Winamp Playlist Manager is a small software application developed specifically for helping you read and copy Winamp playlists. It can be deployed on all Windows versions out there.
Portable running mode
You can benefit from Winamp Playlist Manager’s portability status and keep it stored on pen drives or other portable devices. A double-click on the EXE file is sufficient for getting access to the GUI because you do not have to go through an installation process. You can run the tool without administrative privileges on the target PC.
Since it does not write entries to your Windows registry and leave other configuration files behind, you can get rid of it using a quick deletion task.
Simple layout
Winamp Playlist Manager reveals a clean and pretty basic design that does not impress much in the visual department. It actually looks a bit outdated. A help manual is not included in the package. However, you can quickly get an idea about how the tool works, thanks to its easy-to-configure options.
Playlist copying options
The program offers you the possibility to access an Explorer-like panel in order to browse throughout the files and folders stored in your computer.
Winamp Playlist Manager gives you the freedom to read a Winamp playlist and copy all files to a subdirectory created in the same folder as the target playlist.
Other important options worth being mentioned enable you to remove tag info, delete songs that no longer exist, as well as get rid of duplicate items.
Tests have pointed out that Winamp Playlist Manager carries out a task quickly and without errors. It does not eat up a lot of CPU and memory resources so the overall performance of the computer is not hampered.
Final remarks
The bottom line is that Winamp Playlist Manager has to offer a simple software solution for helping you copy Winamp playlists, and can be tweaked by less experienced users and professionals alike.

Xbox Music Store – All You Need to Know

Xbox Music is Microsoft’s attempt to get the Xbox 360 to the same level as Apple’s iTunes, at least in the realm of content distribution. Xbox Music Store is the digital music store Microsoft is offering on the Xbox 360. This article aims at explaining how you can get Xbox Music Store, what it has to offer, and why you should care.

Installing Xbox Music Store on Xbox 360

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VOVSOFT – Sound Recorder is a sound recording tool that allows you to record sounds from your microphone or from the computer speakers.
The program can record in WAV, WMA and MP3 formats.

A preinstalled shortcut makes it possible to record sounds from the computer speakers.

VOVSOFT – Sound Recorder is a sound recording tool that allows you to record sounds from your microphone or from the computer speakers.
The program can record in WAV, WMA and MP3 formats.

One of the most annoying things to have to do when you just want to get started with a new project is to start recording your voice.
VOVSOFT – Sound Recorder is one of the tools that can come in handy in these situations, and more.
Minimalist GUI
The main window of the application is not only simplistic, but also minimalist, as the GUI only features the Start and Stop buttons, along with a slider for adjusting the microphone volume.
This no-frills approach is meant to encourage even those without any technical skills whatsoever to start recording their microphone activity.
Supports both mic and system sound
It goes without saying that you need to connect a microphone to your computer to be able to enjoy this functionality provided by VOVSOFT – Sound Recorder.
Alternatively, you can capture the music or sounds played by your computer, even if you do not have your speakers connected to the machine.
However, you cannot pause the recording and resume it at a later time, nor can you trim its length afterwards, to keep only the most relevant parts. You need to find a specialized audio editor to perform these tasks.
Only one output format supported
The most important shortcoming of this application is the fact that you have no possibility to choose the format of the recorded audio file. You can only export it as a WAV file, so you need yet another dedicated tool if you are looking to convert it to a different format.
In a nutshell, VOVSOFT – Sound Recorder can come in handy when you are only interested in quickly capturing the sounds of your microphone or the music played by your PC. There is hardly any room for customization, yet this might be considered a bonus for novices.
VOVSOFT – Sound Recorder Description:
VOVSOFT – Sound Recorder is a sound recording tool that allows you to record sounds from your microphone or from the computer speakers.
The program can record