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– Special ID of the Recurrence Data field.
– No need to know the exact internal name of the field.
– The ID of the Recurrence Data field can be generated by generating a new Guid for each recurring item in a SharePoint calendar.
– Only require 1 line of code for displaying a recurring item in a web part
– No need to connect to the Office 365 service for updating recurring items.
– No need to update recurring items manually.
– No need to predict the next occurrence date of the recurring item.
SharePoint Calendar Helper GitHub repo: 
SharePoint Calendar Helper Docs: 
SharePoint Calendar Helper by Software Promotion Pty Ltd. 

Thank you all for your input.


You can access recurring items by using the RecurrenceData property of the item, which returns a RecurrenceDataItemCollection, from which you can access the current and past items in a series.
In your sample, you could use an intermediate variable to hold the RecurrenceDataItemCollection to iterate over the items, and check if the current item’s RecurrenceData property is a recurring item to determine if the item should be updated:
public class RecurrenceWebPart : WebPart
private RecurrenceWebPart()
protected override void CreateChildControls()
// Create an intermediate variable,
// holding the RecurrenceDataItemCollection,
// and check if the current item is a recurring item.
RecurrenceDataItemCollection dataItems = RecurrenceData;
if (dataItems!= null && dataItems.Count > 0)
RecurrenceDataItemCollection recurringData = dataItems[0].RecurrenceData; 70238732e0

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Make-a-Filelist is a file listing utility that gives you the possibility to generate HTML tables from a selection of multiple files. It may be of assistance when you’re attempting to put together a catalog of your existing files to prepare for a Windows reinstallation, or to create various media collections.
Edit HTML styles to generate file lists
It adopts a simple interface made from a single window that shows four steps necessary to make a file list. You can get started by configuring HTML settings when it comes to the number of columns, along with HTML styles for the text top and bottom, new and end entries, and new rows. Comments can be added too, and your configuration can be saved to file to apply it in future projects.
In the second and third step, all you have to do is browse for files and turn them into a file list with one click. The app creates the HTML code instantly, displays it in the main window, and lets you copy it to the Clipboard.
Performance results and observations
The tool generated file lists with neatly structured HTML code in our tests with the default configuration, without any delay. Unsurprisingly, it left a small footprint on system resources consumption. No error dialogs popped up and it didn’t freeze or crash.
On the other hand, there are multiple inconveniences to using Make-a-Filelist. Firstly, users must have experience with HTML code to be able to customize the file listing. Otherwise, they must rely on the default configuration and not make any changes.
Secondly, the application only shows the HTML code to let you copy it to the Clipboard, paste it into a plain text document, and save it as HTML. It doesn’t simply skip all these steps by implementing an option to export the HTML code to HTML format.
The button for copying code to the Clipboard didn’t work in our tests (we had to select the text and copy it via the right-click menu) but we are keeping in mind that Make-a-Filelist hasn’t been updated for a long time and likely has compatibility issues with newer Windows editions.
Overall, while Make-a-Filelist offers a fairly straightforward solution for creating file listings, it mainly caters to users with some minimal experience in HTML design.

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