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This program is a feature packed utility for everyone that wants to organize their drives and make it unique.
This program is very easy to use.
My Drives…

No matter how you do it, there’s one thing in common for most individuals on the planet: They’re looking for some fast ways to download apps. While every alternative requires you to tap an icon, download files, or open a browser, some just require you to type in a URL. One such type of app downloader is NoDock, a program that provides a free and simple way to download apps from any web browser. While it doesn’t allow you to download everything (like Cydia Substrate or RedSn0w), the basic functionality is fairly straightforward and can be quite helpful for those who don’t have a PC or don’t have a jailbroken iOS device.
Note: If you’re unfamiliar with the jailbreak process, check out the jailbreak for iOS tutorial or check out the jailbreak for iOS FAQ.
Install Nodock on iOS 8
Nodock requires you to first visit the following page on your iOS device. Once you’ve arrived, tap the link in the “See What’s New” section and you’ll be taken to the iOS App Store. Scroll down until you see NoDock and tap the link to install the app.
The process is very simple and takes only a minute or two. Once the app is installed, you’ll find that NoDock has already been preinstalled. It’s a shame that NoDock isn’t able to be installed from the App Store on iOS 8 devices, but at least it’s able to be installed from Safari.
Once installed, you’ll be greeted by NoDock’s simple, clear menu. As soon as you tap the “+” sign, you’ll be prompted to select the URL you’d like to visit to begin the download process.
The download itself is also very simple, and takes about a minute or two. Once you’re done, you’ll be brought back to the download screen and will be asked if you’d like to add the app to your Home Screen. Simply tap “Add” to have NoDock installed for future use.

Simply clicking or pressing on a link in the article will open up the selected web page in the default browser that the operating system supports (for example, Safari for iOS or Chrome for Android). Don’t worry, though, you can open websites in other browsers if you want or eea19f52d2

Process And Port Analyzer is a simple software that shows process details, network connections, ports, library and all file paths.
Process And Port Analyzer Free Edition Features:
· Show running processes, network connections, ports, library and all file paths
· Show all running processes in a separate tab
· Show all connected hosts and their IPs, ports and state
· Show all listening network connections and detected IPs
· Show local file paths
· Show current memory usage
· Show maximum memory usage
· Show process ID and name
· Identify library files
· Identify network protocols
· Identify program files and the directories where they are located
· Identify the local file paths
· Identify the open ports

Pax Pro 4.0.0
Pax Pro is a free computer software designed for individuals and small businesses that allows them to manage their professional internet activities, share files, and control access to resources on their computer.
Using the tool, you can securely control your internet activities by filtering your browsing and emailing, blocking unwanted ads and spyware, controlling access to sites and blogs that offer unwanted content, or even changing settings to create a safe and secure internet experience.
Furthermore, the program allows you to manage your files and email accounts, shares them with other individuals or groups, compresses files, and controls access to different resources.
Thanks to its intuitive and easy to use interface, Pax Pro allows you to manage a variety of functions, monitor and control your internet activities, manage your files, and share them with others, all in a safe and secure way.
Pax Pro Free Edition Features:
· Customize your internet experience
· Share files on the web
· Remotely control web browsing
· Control your internet activities
· Protect your privacy
· Manage your files
· Remotely control your computer
· Remotely control your computer using a web browser
· Automatically remove unwanted software
· Remotely control your computer using a web browser
· Easily access your resources
· Configure email accounts
· Configure your email accounts
· Install remote control software on your computer
· Install remote control software on your computer
· Compress files
· Compress files
· Use the computer to remotely control your home or office computer
· Use the computer to remotely control your home or office computer
· Help, support, and updates
· Help, support, and updates
· Access online support
· Access online support