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Version 1.4.0 :

Version 1.4.0 :

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Version 1.1.2 :

Document viewer – providing a basic view of documents on the platform


The JxDocument viewer can be embedded into a Java swing application and will display the specified document for the user.

JxDocument represents a set of tools that allows you to manipulate PDF documents, especially in their reading and conversion functions.

JxDocument allows you to integrate different PDF viewers for applications with Java Swing functions.

The library includes a script which allows you to generate a PDF document from the Java swing application.

The PDF document can be embedded directly in your Java app.

JxDocument is lightweight and provides basic tools to generate a PDF document and make PDFs displayable in your Java app.

JxDocument has been written to work with the most recent Java Swing version ( JDK 1.4.2 ).

JxDocument has been developed to complement the features of your Java application.

JxDocument consists of a lightweight package which can be directly incorporated in your Java app.

JxDocument is a rich PDF library with the following features:

• Allows you to view documents directly from Java Swing.
• Allows you to handle multiple types of PDF documents, from image PDF to text PDF.
• Allows you to embed the PDF document into your Java app.
• Allows you to generate a PDF document from your Java app.
• Allows you to parse the document and display the pdf document on the screen.
• Allows you to read text from the PDF document.
• Allows you to generate a text document from the PDF document.
• Allows you to generate an image from the PDF document.
• Allows you to export a PDF document to the local disk.
• Allows you to create a hyperlink from the PDF document.
• Allows you to display the specified page of the PDF document.
• Allows you to create zoom options.
• Allows you to pan the PDF document.
• Allows you to get the specified position of the PDF document.
• Allows you to display the total number of pages.
• Allows you to create a custom PDF viewer.

JxDocument Examples:

The JxDocument library includes a set of scripts that you can use to create a document viewer for your application 9670d34096

The Turing Machine simulator program is very easy to use. The user just needs to specify the input, which is processed by the software and then a simulation is run. It uses a very simple Java 2 syntax. The user can simulate the TM with and without error.
User Interface:
1. Select an input
2. Select an output (optional)
3. Select an exit (optional)
4. Select a TM model (default=B1)
5. Click’start’
6. Click ‘Stop’ (optionally)
NOTE: The error symbol ‘-‘ can also be specified
Error symbol: –
Ex.: 0100100110
Ex.: 1010010110
Ex.: 1010010110-
Ex.: 0100101110
Ex.: 1010010110-
Error symbols are explained in later sections.
TM model:
If the TM model is not specified then a default model is used. The following are the default models:





Thursday, February 14, 2013

Stoïkosti Pik-Michi was a famous Russian violinist and teacher from the early 20th century. His students, among them a young Jan Mark are taught to appreciate his warm and gentle yet profound instruction.

About the Teaching DVD:

Kanji Stoi-kosti Pik-Michi is an example of a Japanese-speaking violinist who emigrated to the USA in the early 20th century. He started learning violin at the age of five. He is an excellent violinist and an important influence on the USA violin scene. He taught famous violinists like Aaron Copland, Sergei Rachmaninov and Jan Mark.

In this DVD clip, Jan Mark explains Stoïkosti Pik-Michi’s classic Suzuki method. He offers an in-depth look at Pik-Michi’s pedagogical methods.

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