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Wavy Lab allows you to distort an image in four different ways: Magnetic, Linear, Bow and Radial.
Also, Wavy Lab incorporates detailed distortion parameters (frequency, angle, direction, etc.),







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Wavy Lab Cracked Version is an excellent tool for image manipulation for creating interesting effects like wave patterns, shapes, warping, deformation, bending, distorting, retouching and image smoothing with a really easy to use interface.

Furthermore, Wavy Lab includes more than 40 different presets that simplify your life.

Wavy Lab is available as desktop application and can be purchased and used within a few minutes.
Unfortunately there are no presets specifically for photos or videos. It’s an all-in-one software. But if you open any of the image files in the folder you will notice an option “edit picture in Wavy Lab”.

Click on the “edit” icon and create your effects.
At Wavy Lab, it’s easy to achieve any of the above mentioned outcomes.

The distortion can be applied to a wide range of images.

The Wavy Lab application is available for Windows, Mac and Linux

The Wavy Lab website also provides presets, lots of demo videos, an FAQ and a help section.






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A vector tool for working with 3D vector graphics in a way that’s similar to, but different from Photoshop.
Create beautiful art in a fraction of the time, in the same program you use to create vector art.
From simple tool to advanced artist, Wavy Lab can help you create vector images that are fast, crisp, and beautiful.
Each Wavy Lab tool can be used separately, or all four tools can be used simultaneously. When using the tools simultaneously you can change the distortion, intensity, direction and orientation of each tool.
You can also save your art as a Wavy Lab image file, or to an Adobe Photoshop (.psd) file.
Benefits of Wavy Lab:
No matter how you use it, the vector tools are intuitive and easy to use.
Wavy Lab is equally at home in the desktop version of SketchBook, or in Photoshop CS, Photoshop Express, Photoshop Elements, and Photoshop CC.
The Wavy Lab tools offer more control over artwork than most other vector tools, and can be used to mimic the distortion of a classic painting.
When you first launch Wavy Lab you are presented with a list of distortion types.
From here you can select any distortion type, set its parameters, and select a color.
You can then click OK and see the image after which you can move, rotate, zoom, and edit the image as you like.
Here are some of the Wavy Lab Tools
Magnetic Distortion
The Magnetic tool magnetizes a vector graphic based on what is at the top of the page.
It works by using the direction and intensity of the page as the axis with which to magnetize a graphic. 
The Magnetic tool can be used alone or with any of the other distortion types.
Linear Distortion
The Linear tool shows a gradient line that moves to complete distortion based on the direction of the page.
The Linear tool can be used alone or with any of the other distortion types.
Bow Distortion
The Bow tool allows you to apply a bow that is based on the angle of the page.
The Bow tool can be used alone or with any of the other distortion types.
Wavy Lab allows you to combine all of the distortion types (Magnetic, Linear, Bow and Radial) into one image.
You can also use all of the distortion types and combine them into one image.
Wavy Lab offers four distortion types with different parameters.
Wavy Lab

Wavy Lab Crack+

Wavy Lab is a powerful and very flexible 4×4 image processing and distortion tool.
Wavy Lab is designed to perform distortions on images such as lens distortions, rotations, scaling and twists, which are not possible with other tools.
Wavy Lab is easy to use and relatively inexpensive and is a quick and reliable solution for any small to medium size project.
Wavy Lab is distributed as a permanent subfolder in [Media][]

The installation does not include a menu.
You need to open the Wavy Lab folder and set the WAVYLAB environment variable in the system.
Using Wavy Lab from the command line you can use it like this:
$ wavylab

What’s New In Wavy Lab?

Create new 3D data sets with Wavy Lab (MLT, ASC / NLT)
Extract common points from multiple images (MLT, ASC / NLT)
Accurate and fast image re-projection (MLT, ASC / NLT)
Create complex, dynamic, mesh-like maps using many images (MLT, ASC / NLT)

The plugin can be used in combination with the open source 3D modeling software Modo (Mac, Linux, Windows).

License: MIT License


* [Website](
* [Google Code Project Page](
* [Project GitHub page](

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System Requirements For Wavy Lab:

Not Recommended:
Mac OSX:
1. How can I install or use this addon?
Open the addon package and place it in /user/games/ or somewhere in your Steamworks folder. Afterwards it’s available via the “Steam Overlay” under games.
2. Why isn’t my video and audio in sync when playing the game?
When using Windows, the Steam overlay has no way of telling you if the