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Code editing requires having close at hand a text editor that finds a balance between the feature pack it puts at your disposal and its GUI, which needs to be distractions-free without having an impact on its capabilities.
Weaverslave Portable is an application that competes with similar products on the market since it fits the description above, letting you perform various coding-specific operations.
Portable text editor supporting a multitude of coding languages
Before anything else, it is worth mentioning that the program does not require installation, with the “portable” tag hinting at the fact that it can easily be moved around via a USB stick.
Besides the plus of convenience it offers in this regard, it must be mentioned that it comes with support for a multitude of languages. To name a few of the highlights, C++ Scrip, HTML, Java, JavaScrip, MySQL, PHP, Python, plain text, XSL, and more can be juggled with.
Comes with syntax highlighting and various other editing tools
Nevertheless, the program’s main focus remains HTML editing. Needless to say, syntax highlighting is supported, which means you can effortlessly start coding, with the possibility of choosing colors yourself.
Once you have opened an existing project using the directory tree at the bottom of the main window, you are free to employ any of the editing tools that you are provided with. There are a host of tags and snippets related to structure and alignment, font type and formatting, tables, forms, lists, multimedia, events, and much more.
It is also important to note that the application comes with a configurable workspace, letting you select the standard file format, toolbar style, along with various other general, print, or special options.
Capable and responsible code editor
On an ending note, Weaverslave Portable is a handy piece of software aimed at programmers who need an intuitive text editor when coding, regardless of the language code they prefer. While its GUI is packed with lots of features, it manages to appear approachable and straightforward.



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Kodak EndNote 2013 Add-in (Microsoft Office) Description:
The EndNote Add-in is designed to replace the functionality of the EndNote 5.1 application and offers all functionality from the standard EndNote 5.1 application, plus many other improvements. EndNote Add-in is designed for use with Microsoft Office 2013.
Kodak EndNote 2013 Add-in (Microsoft Office) Installation:
Uninstall the previous version of the EndNote Add-in using Add or Remove Programs. Use the Add or Remove Programs tool to search for and uninstall the previous version of the EndNote Add-in. For information about how to use the Add or Remove Programs tool, see Add or Remove Programs. After you uninstall the previous version of the EndNote Add-in, install the EndNote Add-in by following the instructions in the Getting Started wizard.
Kodak EndNote 2013 Add-in (Microsoft Office) features:
Windows only. Copyright 2009, 2012 Kodak Alaris, inc. All rights reserved.
Kodak EndNote 2013 Add-in (Microsoft Office) Requirements:
Internet connection
Microsoft Office 2013
Kodak EndNote 2013 Add-in (Microsoft Office) Limitations:
EndNote Add-in is designed to work with Microsoft Office 2013 products only.
Microsoft Office 2013
Kodak EndNote 2013 Add-in (Microsoft Office) Web Site:
EndNote Add-in for Microsoft Office is a universal add-in that adds the following functionality to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint:
The EndNote Add-in adds a new menu option in the EndNote menu bar on the top of the screen that allows you to access the EndNote 5.0 and EndNote 5.1 application. You can launch the EndNote 5.0 or EndNote 5.1 application directly from the menu bar. The EndNote menu bar also includes options for displaying a custom menu, customizing the menu, and changing the settings.
The EndNote Add-in adds a ribbon tab to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The tab contains the following buttons: Insert, EndNote, Comment, Review, Preview, References, and More.
The EndNote Add-in adds a custom toolbar tab to Microsoft Word, Excel and

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Product Comments:

“I was actually a little surprised, because I have used Weaverslave’s portable version on my iPod Touch and found it a pretty good app. It’s not on par with some of the other programs available for the iPad, but it’s good and it’s free. It’s just that the iPad’s version is an upgrade.” – Ken

“Weaverslave is simply the best code editing software I have come across in a while. Very easy to use and it has a lot of useful tools to create, edit and fix your HTML code. I strongly recommend this software to all programmers.” – Hugo

“Weaverslave Portable is a powerful HTML editor for Mac OS X. It has a simple but effective graphical user interface. It provides the functions needed to edit source code efficiently and offers special features to improve its quality.” – Caspar

“This is a very well thought out software, the ability to view the code in a graphical format is a perfect feature. The only downside is that the size is too large, you cannot fit it on an iPad. But if you are looking for an all-in-one HTML editor, this one fits the bill.” – John

“I like Weaverslave Portable. It’s a good program for people who work with HTML files. I would buy it if the price was a little less.” – Tyrone

“I love Weaverslave Portable’s ability to view your HTML as a graphic. It is an extremely useful feature as it makes it easier to locate and edit the various components of an HTML page. Overall, I have found Weaverslave Portable to be a very useful tool for editing HTML files.” – Robert

“Weaverslave Portable is a great all-in-one HTML editor. It is easy to use and offers more functions than most other programs

What’s New In Weaverslave Portable?

worselp is a utility to make folders name from subfolders. Folder name will be a result of a concatenation of subfolder name and timestamp. e.g. “work/2008-11-17” will be a result of timestamp. “work” is the subfolder name, and “2008-11-17” is timestamp.
Unlike other tools, worstlp doesn’t create “../” level folders. This means that to create a folder “work” with a folder “2008-11-17”, you have to create the folder “work” first, and then create “work/2008-11-17”.
no_mixer is an audio mixer with effects and visualizer plugin
New, more flexible user interface for easy use
no_mixer is an audio mixer with effects and visualizer plugin. It can save/load presets (configurations), but also create new ones.
Some effects:
Pitch shifter, Volume shifter, Chorus, Flanger, Tube distortion, High pass, Low pass, Distortion, Tape echo, Delay, and the visualizer plugins.
Uses the following plugin:
No_mixer uses the VLC Video plugin. It works both on Mac and Windows.
VirtualDub is a free, open source video editor and converter. It is based on the popular VirtualDub1 video editing tool. The purpose of VirtualDub is to make it as easy as possible to edit videos, convert them between various formats, burn them to DVD or any media with a high quality, and much more.
You can edit files on a Mac OS X system. (You can also convert video files between various formats on a Windows system.) In addition, VirtualDub is a powerful, flexible, video editor and video converter that allows you to perform a wide variety of functions.
What is new in this version:
This release adds the following:
– support for the Rescale algorithm for video encoding
– support for the VP6 and VP8 codecs
– automatic fallback to the WebM format if it is not available
– improved support for Blu-ray DVD (blu-ray discs can be burned with version 1.7.1)
– improved motion blur (you can enable motion blur by going to the tab “Video” – “Effects” – “Motion Blur”
– added a setting to enable/disable the splash screen on startup and the lock screen after movie conversion
– added a setting to enable/disable small text in menus
– added basic support for playing DVDs (based on vdvdplay)
– added basic support for burning DVDs (based on vdvdcss)
– added basic support for mounting Blu-ray discs
– added the ability to change the directory used for saving movies in the preferences window
– added support

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 SP1
Windows 7 SP1 RAM: 4 GB
4 GB Processor: Intel Core i5-6200U/AMD Ryzen 5 2400G or equivalent
Intel Core i5-6200U/AMD Ryzen 5 2400G or equivalent HDD: 3 GB available space
3 GB available space Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD RX 570 or equivalent
OS: Windows 10
Windows 10 RAM: 8 GB
8 GB Processor: Intel Core i5-6600