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WebService PingPong Crack is a small but handy utility that allows you to test the availability of a Web server.
You can choose the supported services to be checked, and
you can set a timeout for the services.
The new PingPong is a fast, lightweight, and efficient interface, mainly designed to allow you to test the availability of a server in an efficient and easy manner.
It is a handy tool to be used when you need to check the status of a Web server, but for this, you need to use another Web browser to open a special page, which can be tedious.
Moreover, when you check the status of a Web server, you need to open the Web page directly, this consumes a lot of time.
However, WebService PingPong Crack Keygen is specially created to be a lightweight and effective tool that was especially created to check the availability and status of various web services though SOAP requests.
WebService PingPong Download With Full Crack can be used to check the availability and status of all kinds of Web server, from small Web servers and web farms to super servers and business-class Web servers, such as SSP / POP3 / IMAP email server and Web servers running the Apache, PHP, ColdFusion, Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), or similar applications.
WebService PingPong Features:
•Set different timeouts
•Check the availability of the server and send a request
•Check the response header information
•Check the response of the server
•Check the response code from the server
•Check if the server is up, down, or does not answer
•Check the availability of the page through a location in Internet
•Check the response header information
WebService PingPong has the following features:
▪Check the availability and status of a server
▪Check the status of the HTTP / HTTPS request and response headers
▪Send a request to a Web server
▪Save your results to a specified file
▪Check if the server is up, down, or does not answer
▪Check if the server is working
▪Check the response status
WebService PingPong Windows Demo:
WebService PingPong Mac Demo:
WebService PingPong Linux Demo:

WebService PingPong Crack+

In most cases, the information provided by a web service is not enough. If that service is hosted in a domain that only you have access to, you may be totally unable to view the responses it sends. Many companies provide tools that you can use for debugging their web services, but most have their limitations.
WebService PingPong Torrent Download is a program that will take care of all your needs. This program does all the stuff that a traditional web debugging tool is unable to do. It can connect to web services and check their availability, response code, timing, history, headers and much more. You can verify the responses to all types of soap messages. The program will also show you a short description of each request and response.
o Fast
o Great usability
o User friendly interface
o Free
o Not Mac compatible
o Small
Is there a trial version?
What platforms does the program support?
Does WebService PingPong work with my current operating system?
WebService PingPong is a Windows application.
How do I get my license?
For registration you will be sent a license which you may use however long you like. For a registered user I can send you a registered receipt.
Is the debug tool compatible with my version of.Net?
The WebService PingPong is compatible with all.net versions 2.0 and above. If you use WebService PingPong you do not need to download the debugging tool for each release of the.net framework.
Is the provided service virus and malware free?
Can I be sure that my credit card information will be protected?
How can I contact WebService PingPong support?
My email address is: ryan@programare.com.
What is WebService PingPong free trial version?
Free trial of WebService PingPong is available for registered users only.

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WebService PingPong Crack+ Activator [2022-Latest]

With the help of this custom-made tool, you can quickly check if a website or a web service is online, offline or simply not responding to requests. WebService PingPong logs the events and allows you to choose how the results should be displayed. The program presents a short summary of the task and then the detailed request and response details. You will be shown what requests were sent and what responses were received.

Save the WebService PingPong.exe to your desktop, extract the contents and run the file in the following way:

Click Start, Run
Type the address of the exe file in the ‘Enter file location or browse’ dialog
Click Open
The WebService PingPong graphical interface will be launched.

To perform an online check of a web service, you will need to run the WebService PingPong program on the computer that is connected to the Internet.

WebService PingPong can be installed on any Windows computer, but to be fully functional it should be connected to an active network with an access to the Internet.

Check if the required web service is online.

The online check is performed in the following way:

Open WebService PingPong
Click Run, OK

Choosing a website for an online check

The website address for the online check will be shown in the address bar on the window
that displays WebService PingPong interface. Click the required address, the site’s address will be copied to the clipboard

Provide the address of the web service you wish to test

Click the Run, OK button

Check if the specified web service is online.

The online check is performed in the following way:

Open WebService PingPong
Click Run, OK

Choosing a network connection for an online check

The Internet connection type will be determined automatically, if it is not possible to check the specified web service online, this will be indicated on the interface.

In the following cases, we will assume that the computer is connected to the internet through a wired connection:

Select the Internet connection type in the Server list
Click the Apply button

Unblock the localhost HTTP port

Open WebService PingPong
Click Run, OK

Online check of remote web services

Check the status of the specified web service at a particular time

To run a remote check of the specified web service at a particular time

What’s New In WebService PingPong?

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, 8, or 10
Processor: Intel Core i5-8500/AMD Phenom II X4 965
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / ATI HD 7850
Hard Drive: 10 GB free HDD space
Other: DirectX 11
Processor: Intel Core i7-4790/AMD FX-8350
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970