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Although Photoshop is a terrific all-purpose program for manipulating digital images, the program can be very confusing and intimidating to learn. It is also the most expensive single software tool you can buy, and the learning curve can be very steep. Photoshop CS2 is much easier to use than version CS1, but it’s still not for the faint of heart. One of the best steps you can take in terms of getting Photoshop to work well for you is to become familiar with the Elements. Photoshop’s menu structure is similar to that of MS PowerPoint, which means that it has many command and object menus. You can click on a menu option and see what command is contained in that menu. However, for the most part, you do most of your work by dragging and dropping files, images, or layers from place to place on the application interface. You can perform multiple operations at once in many different ways. For example, you can press Ctrl+A (for Select All) and then press Ctrl+C (Copy) to copy all selected elements to the Copies panel. In this example, you select the Rectangular Marquee tool, which is the tool you want to use, and then you press Ctrl+C to copy the selection. Photoshop is not all about layers. It has many features that affect only individual objects on a layer. One way of looking at layers is to say that they are a way of taking a snapshot of an image, and that all the layers in the picture are visible or hidden. When you create a layer, you want to set options that enable you to view and work with the objects on a layer at their actual size, and in their original colors. This way, all the visual elements of the image are visible at once. (Just like the elements of a picture on a white background, all the objects in a picture are visible if you see them all at once.) You can manipulate a layer to apply a filter, resizing, color adjustment, or other editing on the entire layer or just a section of the layer. By making selective modifications to a layer, you can change the appearance of the objects in an image, which can make your image look like a photograph or a drawing. Some people like to work on a layer background first, because the finished result may be easier to see, and then they work on the individual objects in the image after they’ve created the layer. However, that may not be the best

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This guide is a step-by-step walk-through of how to create a Twitter icon in Adobe Photoshop. You can use this to create a Twitter icon for a website, for your twitter account and so much more. This can be a goldmine of icons for your website. Time Required: 5-10 hours Steps: How to Create a Twitter Icon in Adobe Photoshop. 1. Start Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard graphic design program used by designers. 2. Open a New Document in Photoshop. This document will be the Twitter icon you will be designing in. 3. Choose File > New from the menu. A New Document window will appear. In the top left hand corner of this window is a New Document icon. Choose this icon. You will be directed to the New Document window. 4. The new document will be opened. It should be 800 pixels wide and 600 pixels high. This will ensure the icon is at an appropriate size for the Twitter profile box on the user’s website. 5. Choose File > Save As. In the upper right hand corner of the Photoshop window there will be a Save As icon. Make sure the file name for the document is the same as the final file. This file will hold the image you are designing. 6. Use the slider bar to adjust the size of the document. The large slider bar just below the New Document menu can be used to adjust the size of the document. Start by resizing the document to 800 pixels wide and 600 pixels high. 7. Enter a new file name. Just below the Save As button is a New Name button. Make sure the filename is the same as the Twitter profile box that you are designing. 8. Use the W and H keys to change the Width and Height of the document. Just below the Save As button is a double arrow. Clicking this will allow you to resize the document. Double click the slider bar to change the document size. Move the slider bar left and right to change the document’s size. Drag the slider bar right to shrink the document and left to expand. You can use the key controls on the keyboard to change the document size. Use the W key to decrease the width and the H key to increase the height. 05a79cecff

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1. Reduce Image Noise One of the first things to notice when editing an image is the noise. It looks like specks of dust or scratches on the surface of the photo. The aim of reducing noise is to make your photo appear more polished. Noise reduction can be done manually or by using different tools. So, how do you reduce noise manually? Here’s how: Open your image in Photoshop. Click Edit -> Deselect. This will deselect all areas of the photo except the one you want to remove noise from. Now, you can use the magic wand tool or paint brush to draw a selection around the subject that you want to keep. Close the selection using Select > Clear. Delete all areas that you don’t want (i.e., the rest of the photo). Clone Stamp the area of the photo that you want to keep. Repeat this process until all of the noise is removed. 2. Apply a Distortion Effect Photoshop comes with a distortion effect. This tool uses the same principles as lense distortion to create an instant effect when using the camera’s auto-distortion setting. How can you use this effect? Open your photo in Photoshop. Press Shift + Alt + Ctrl + A. This will make the image look like the one below: Right-click on the grid, then select Define Grid from the pop-up menu. The grid will be added to your photo. Press Shift + Alt + Ctrl + T to duplicate the grid and place it in a new location. Zoom in on a spot where you want the distortion to be visible. Press Ctrl + Alt + G to create a reflection clone, then select the point where you want to start the reflection. Create another clone to the right of the first one, and place it in the exact same spot. Right-click on one of the clones, and select Distort & Transform -> Lens Distortion. Repeat the process for the second clone. 3. Create a Transparent Image If you want to create a photo with some object that is already transparent but with a slight change in background, you can use the “wipe” feature. To achieve the effects, follow the steps below: Open your

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