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Keymacro is a command line utility which will automate the creation of macro files in Microsoft Word for Mac.Macro files (macros) are applications on a Windows machine that can be used to automate tasks. They can be stored in a file on a computer, and then read and run from another. The most common tasks a macro can perform are: opening, replying to and closing emails, performing a search and so on. If you use Microsoft Word for Mac on a Mac, and have been reading about the ability to access files saved on your Mac, then you have probably heard of the program called “Keyboard Maestro”, which is essentially a great program to build macro files in. However, as the title states, Keymacro is designed to be an alternative to Keyboard Maestro on Mac. The difference between these two is that the program that Keyboard Maestro provides comes with a different install package to be used. For those who want to have the most recent edition of a program, it is important to note that Keyboard Maestro is a Windows only program, so you can only download it if you are running Windows.Keyboard Maestro Keymacro Version Release Notes
* Bug fix: the “Home” key now only works when the program is focussed, and does not cause the program to exit.
* Resolved issue: when running a “Go to Next File” macro, the “Goto” command would be unsuccessful if the file is empty.
* Resolved issue: if a macro was already saved, and the macro was deleted and a new macro was created, the new macro would not be saved automatically.Keymacro is free for 30 days, after which you will be prompted to pay a subscription to continue using the program. Please read the terms and conditions for more information on what this means.
* Macros now work correctly in all scenario’s, ie. Macros work while the document is open and while it is being edited, etc.
* Added support for Macros that open other Macros.
* Added a check for corrupted macros before saving, so that the file doesn’t get saved.
* Improved the options for the Save As type of macro. It now has a Default type.
* Improved the Settings window. Now the Name column is searchable and sortable.
* Improved the input panel. The default value is now a macro type so if the user isn’t using macros, they can press the Save button a77f14ba26

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Each user has a key that has to be matched with the user in the network that the client is connected to.

If a match is not found, a message will be shown
If a match is found, the user will be connected to
Use the option ‘Enable Chat’ to start using the app.

Check the source code for the source of the Mac application.

Network is used to connect and communicate with people.

Exclude your clients from the app, so the app only works with people from your network.

Show a list of clients for manual connection and chat.

Intuitive UI.

Check out the demo.


[MIT License]


Set kendo ui filter in a column to include hidden columns

I have a table with a bunch of columns that are hidden or have filtering applied to the grid. When you filter I would like to be able to access the hidden columns to set the filter values. Currently you can’t set the filter values if you have hidden columns and the filter is being applied to the grid.


I believe that you can do this if you have a column defined like this:
name: “UserName”,
hidden: true,
filterable: false


How to show a new element dynamically on an event?

I want to show a new div dynamically on my page after the user clicks an element, i do this by using a click event.
How can i show this new div for only 1 time?
Example, on the page i have this div:

Now when the user clicks div1 i want to show a new div called div2.
I have tried the following code but it doesn’t work: