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Designing a simple interface for an application is not all fun and games, even if it just looks like piling up some menus and stitching a few elements together. All comes down to how well the code is written, with each element requiring different values to be able to properly behave in multiple situations. This is where applications like Window Detective come in handy, letting you analyze every minor change happening in any of the active windows on your desktop.
Several, easy ways to select a window
Just so you don't feel overwhelmed by the abundance of details, numerical values and codes gathered from different window activities, the application sports a simple and intuitive design. You can arrange panels as you see fit, with one of them displaying a list of all detected targets, while the other is dedicated to attributes. In case the set of features tickles your fancy, there's also the portable edition to try out.
A fair amount of methods can be used to pick the target. Through a drop-down menu, you can select whether to view window hierarchy for desktop elements or running processes. An easier method is to press and hold the “pick window” button that highlights your selection in the list when releasing over the window of interest.
Gather and save thorough details
Program names are displayed along with icon so you know what to look for, each holding corresponding elements, such as every button, menu and class it holds. The application is capable to displaying various details and info which appear well-organized next to the browser.
Attributes like text, handle, parent, owner, dimensions, position, size, styles, scrolls, props and window classes can be analyzed, with the possibility to save all data to file. This greatly comes in handy for programming and quickly importing data to create a custom interface.
On an ending note
Bottom line is that Window Detective is a lightweight but powerful application with which you can view what makes an interface of processes and windows respond to your interactions. Real-time updates on the list of elements make sure you gather all needed details, with options to save to file for a proper experience.


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Since all apps rely on the network for data exchange, malware authors have found several ways to attack a computer in the past few years. With the evolution of web browsing, most of the occurrences happen at the application level. Unfortunately, a lot of mobile users still rely on manual or automatic updates. This is why Samsung at CES 2020 announced the new webOS, a new mobile platform that aims to address the growing need for web-based applications.

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Unlike Android and Windows, webOS isn’t designed around apps. Instead, it’ll be accessed through the web browser. It’ll build its own app store, and have

Window Detective 2.35 [Mac/Win]

Window Detective Crack Keygen is an incredibly useful program, one that will let you view which elements in your Windows can be manipulated. The tool sports a complete set of features, from basic detection of applications, windows and process to…

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Window Detective 2.35 Crack+ Activation Code With Keygen

The free Application Detective offers you to see and inspect any running windows. It is a portable tool. It lets you examine what interacts with windows & open files, lets you grab elements, and much more. You can use it easily to view the basic window type & title, size, owner, handles, text, position, minimize button, windows type & size, all menus and much more in a seconds. You can even get added into a many window’s context menu. All above window data supports clipboard management with ease of any other window Icons
License: Freeware, Open Source, Creative Commons – Attribution – NonCommercial
Visit the Source:
Visit the website:

Full source code with working example is available at the link below.

In this tutorial I will show you how you can build a simple but powerful “GooD – WikkiStik” like effect for android.
It’s a mobile version of simple word game played in my first levels. In this game you will have to click on word that you think is correct. You have to get correct answer by clicking on it.
You can easly copy and paste this effect to your own android app.

Why read this article?
Reading this article is free and you can get source code for
every step that we do. This source code will be useful later on.
Documentation and tutorials are available here:

This is the (it will add all required information in the GameView):
public class MainActivity extends Activity {

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
Words words = new Words();
Words.add(“Today is…”);

What’s New in the Window Detective?

Window Detective is a light-weight application that provides you with the ability to view the attributes of any window across your desktop.
Window Detective Features:
– Shows all elements, processes and attributes, like window hierarchy, window title, window class, window title and so forth.
– You can view the list of windows, as well as the attributes, processes and elements that are contained in that windows.
– Optionally, when the application is running in full screen mode, you can view windows from any application.
– You can pick a window from the list by clicking it, or pressing and holding over the window and releasing.
– Using the menu in the right bottom corner, you can select the process or window hierarchy that the application monitors.
– You can view window properties, as well as window attributes from the window itself.
– You can analyze the attributes and the contents of the windows by clicking the option in the menu
– The application saves all window info to the file on your PC.
– The application has a portable edition to make sure your copy of Window Detective always has the latest window details.
– Optionally, you can set custom colors for the window properties, so you can give your Windows what they deserve.
– The application has an automatic update feature, so you can download any new versions of Window Detective through its web page.
– The application has optional sounds alerts that appear when changes are detected.
– The application can be packed and uninstalled to save space.
– The application is optimized for both desktops and laptops.
– The Portable edition features the ability to set custom background colors and optional sounds alerts for the windows.
– The application runs in 64-bit windows.
– The application runs in Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps.

So you think you know how to set up a system and make it work? You might be surprised at how well most PCs actually do the job, and how easy it is to get all kinds of automated tasks on them working. You can certainly help them out by coding some simple applications that can take advantage of the underlying OS.
The key here is to understand how the OS works, and use it to create your own data and do some basic processing automatically. It is possible to program and run code without needing a degree in computer science, and such applications can often be quite impressive.
Today we would like to guide you through the best iOS and Windows apps that let you code amazing automation.

System Requirements For Window Detective:

Windows Vista SP2 / 7 (XP SP3 or greater), Windows 8, 8.1, and Windows 10 Home
Dual-Core processor
16 GB of RAM
5 GB of available hard drive space
300 MB of video memory
120 MHz graphics card
800 X 600 pixels
9 inch, 16:9 aspect ratio screen
Sound card and speakers
3D desktop with Compiz
Internet connection and headset
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