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Scratchpad apps generally tend to have a broad range of usages (simple notes, to-dos, tasks, and so forth). They're also very adept at helping developers transform text.
Woop is one such application – a scriptable scratchpad that allows you to run near-instant transformations to your texts directly from your computer's desktop and without requiring you to rely on potentially unsafe online tools.
Woop, a Boop Windows port
If you're a macOS developer, there's a good chance you've heard of Boop, one of the best Apple Swift-based and JavaScript-powered scratchpad apps out there.
Boop is safe, lightweight, and fast. It allows macOS developers to bring their scripts and extend the app's functionality, it features syntax highlighting, and it's also free and open-source.
Thankfully, everything that makes Boop great is also what defines Woop.
Instantly transform texts using .js scripts
The best part of Woop is definitely the fact that it uses .js scripts. Not only does the app have a plethora of useful built-in scripts that can help you transform text, but it's also extendable via your own self-written scripts.
Custom scripts can be added to any folder on your computer. Once the scripts have been added, go to Woop's menu, select Settings, and select the desired location for the custom scripts from the pop-up menu.
Another advantage of Woop is definitely its simplicity. To transform text, simply paste the text in question into Woop's main window, press CTRL+B and select the action (the script you want to run) from the provided list, and that's pretty much it.
All changes should be done instantaneously. To re-execute the last script, use CTRL+SHIFT+B or select the action from the app's menu.
Taking everything into account, Woop manages to provide Windows users with everything that Boop offers for macOS developers. It's modern-looking, very customizable, lightweight, and easy-to-use, as well as free. In a few simple words, it's a remarkably useful scriptable scratchpad.







Woop 1.0.20 Crack+ Free Download 2022 [New]

Get Woop, the scriptable scratchpad for Windows.
Woop Features:
– Transform text with ease
Woop offers over 200.js scripts and online sources for you to transform texts, from character replacements, to word searches, to sentence replacements, to last word replacements, to footnotes, to character swapping, to spell checks, to text outline, to auto-fixing, to ROT13, and to many other options, all available instantly.
Woop Screenshots:
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Screenshots are in high resolution and can be used freely for personal or commercial purposes.
Buy Now
Woop costs $23.95 but it’s totally worth that price.
If you’re on Windows 10 (version 1709 or newer), you can download Woop from here.
You can also read our review.
If you want to contribute to Woop’s community, visit our Github repository, where you can report issues and suggest new features.
Any feedback is much appreciated!


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Woop 1.0.20 Latest

● Boop is an open-source, super lightweight, fast, and easy to use JavaScript scratchpad. Run your JavaScript scripts directly from your computer’s desktop with a simple hot-key combination.
● Scratchpad with built-in fun and useful scripts that can help you transform text, write notes, create to-do lists, and much more.
● Package for Mac and Windows (All versions of both operating systems)
● Easy to use and customize
● Scripts are quickly executed using a simple keyboard shortcut
● Custom scripts can be added to any folder on your computer.
● Quick and easy text transform
● Support for macOS and Windows
● Updated regularly (new scripts added every week)
● Free and open-source
● Usage example
● Scriptable scratchpad built with JavaScript
● Works directly from your computer’s desktop
● Add your own scripts
● Hot-key combination to quickly run scripts
● Full-screen hot-key combination to switch to full-screen without exiting your current work
● High performance
● In-app editing
● Built-in scripts (quickly transform texts and run actions): Text decoration, Bold, Color, Sentence-specific transformation, Adjust Text Size, Paragraph-specific transformation, List-specific transformation, Slash-specific transformation, New paragraph, Word-specific transformation, Create To-do list, Write a note, All actions

● More:
● Scripts can be written as.js files in any folder on your computer and installed using Application Support
● Scripts can be added to a folder (see screenshots)
● Scripts can be added to a file (see screenshots)
● Scripts can be added using drag and drop directly on the app
● Scripts can be added using the main menu
● Scripts can be added using the keyboard
● Custom scripts can be added to any folder on your computer
● Custom scripts can be added using drag and drop directly on the app
● Custom scripts can be added using the main menu
● Custom scripts can be added using the keyboard
● Custom scripts can be added manually
● Custom scripts can be easily added by your own JavaScript-based application
● Language: English
● Licence: Free for personal use

● Inspired by Coda, Sparrow, and Notational Velocity.
● Main features:
– create and edit scripts directly in Woop
– syntax highlighting to make scripts easier to read and edit
– add new

Woop 1.0.20 Activator Free Download

Woop is a scriptable scratchpad that makes it easy to transform snippets of text using.js scripts.
Create scripts and execute them right from Woop’s main window, and without needing to open a browser and visit an online service.
Woop’s scripts extend the app’s functionality and are added to the same location where scripts can be found.
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What’s New in the Woop?

A scratchpad application that lets you write.js scripts and transform text

Built with Swift, built for macOS and Windows

Replace and extend the built-in scripts

Enforces validation checks

Paste text into the main window to transform it instantly

Another way to transform texts: press CTRL+SHIFT+B or select the action from the menu

Optional configurable context menu

Export the scripts with the.txt extension

Manage scripts in an easily readable file

Possible configurations

Available scripts and how they work

Color Preview

Insert special characters and symbols

Combine paragraphs

Split or merge words

Dictionary definitions

Find and replace words

Replace substrings

Match ranges and substitute

and much more

Woop.txt File Format
Woop’s.txt file format is quite simple: all scripts have to be added to a folder on the computer.
Once the scripts are in place, go to Woop’s menu, select Settings, and select the location for the custom scripts from the pop-up menu. This can be a folder of your choice (you can choose to save scripts in a specific folder or to put scripts in the Woop folder) or you can use the prepopulated locations to store scripts.
The process to transform texts is also the same. Paste the text in question in the main window, press CTRL+B to add it to the app, paste your desired script in the script bar, and press CTRL+SHIFT+B or select the action from the app’s menu to execute the script.
You don’t need to worry about the fact that scripts are stored in.txt files. All files have a.txt extension, which means they’re easily readable.
Configurations and available scripts
Woop’s default configuration includes a large number of scripts already pre-packed to work with most situations.
Woop can also be configured to allow you to import custom scripts. These scripts must be in the.txt format. After they’re imported, there’s another Scripts window that lists the available scripts and lets you select or delete the scripts you want to use.
You can select multiple scripts and export them with the.txt extension to the desired folder.
In addition to its pre-made scripts, you can also create your own scripts. These scripts should be in the.js format. You can do this by simply pasting the scripts

System Requirements For Woop:

Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 SP1 or later
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz or later
GPU: 1024 MB of video memory (shader)
Memory: 512 MB of RAM
HDD: 16 GB of free space
Software: Version 2.00 or later. Prior version may also work but was not tested.
Drivers: Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 SP1 or later
Other: USB 2.0 port
(See FAQ for more