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xmlParser is a very easy-to-use C++ library for parsing xml-documents and creating them.
Using it in your project is really simple, since it is only using the STL. So there is no need to install any additional libraries.









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Jason Forsythe

Jason Forsythe (born 11 February 1970) is an Australian artist based in Brisbane. He is best known for creating intricate stained glass designs which are often inspired by the natural world. His work explores the effect of light, and how it plays a key role in transforming ordinary objects into illuminated symbols of our connection with the natural world.


Jason Forsythe was born in 1970 in Canberra, Australia. He attended art school at East Sydney Technical College, where he studied visual communication. In 1995 he moved to the United Kingdom, to pursue further art studies at the University of the Arts London. Forsythe subsequently worked in both the UK and Australia, between 1996 and 2001.

After moving to Brisbane in 2001 Forsythe co-founded and became the art director of the Art Undulate Gallery, which ran from 2004 to 2010. Forsythe’s work has since been exhibited in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Belgium and Canada. He has had solo exhibitions in the UK at the Team Gallery in London and in Australia at The Hiscox Gallery in Sydney. In 2014 Forsythe had a solo exhibition at the John McNeil Gallery in New York City, and in 2016 exhibited at the Triangle Arts Festival in Durham, North Carolina.

In 2013 Forsythe opened a new stained glass studio in Brisbane’s heritage listed Queens Park. This studio is now known as The Glass Cage and is a place where Forsythe collaborates with local artists to create hand-made stained glass and custom-made commission work.


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Edit current item in list without giving focus in the listview

I have a list view.When i select a row from the listview,i need to edit the item in the listview.I have used this example.It works fine.
But the thing is, when i click on the edit button,i want the focus to change on that particular list item which is being edited.For this,when the edit button is clicked,i need to give the focus to that particular list item.So,i need to



XmlParser Crack + With Serial Key

C++ XML Parser is a small and simple XML parser. It offers full support for XSD and full validation against an XML schema. It is also possible to create valid xml documents.

1. Run the setup.
2. Download the ZIP file and extract it.
3. Copy the XMLParser.h and XMLParser.cpp files to your project directory.
4. Include the files from the [include] section.

API Documentation:
– xmlParser.h
– xmlParser.cpp


I’ve used both TinyXML and the XML Parser for this. Both have their strengths and weaknesses.
TinyXML is smaller and faster than the XML Parser, but doesn’t offer any validation of the parsed data. The XML Parser is larger and offers full validation, but has a lot of dependencies.
If you are using Windows, I recommend the XML Parser. The TinyXML documentation is not as good, and there is no official Windows port.


Problem with character encoding when connecting to sqlite database in Objective-C

I’m developing an application that uses sqlite databases. I’m using CoreData to handle data and is mostly ok. The problem is in the application logic part where I have some problems with text encoding.
I have a.sqlite database that is encoded in UTF-8, and as I was building the sqlite file I used the tool SQLiteBrowser.
If I run the app on the simulator everything works fine. But when I create the actual app to be uploaded on iTunes and generate the app binary I get some problems.
My app logic that seems to be the problem is as follows:
NSString *text = [NSString stringWithFormat:@”%@”, value];
NSData *data = [text dataUsingEncoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding];

This piece of code works great if I run the app on the simulator. But in the binary file that is uploaded in iTunes when I try to log the string I get something like:

But the binary file generated by the XCode, the same binary file, that is on iTunes has some strange characters in the place of the ones above.
For instance:

I just wanna know how I can solve this problem and allow my app to run in the simulator and on iTunes…

What’s New in the XmlParser?

xmlParser is a very easy-to-use C++ library for parsing xml-documents and creating them.
Using it in your project is really simple, since it is only using the STL. So there is no need to install any additional libraries.
My target is to parse a URL using xmlParser and print out its HTML-content.

System Requirements For XmlParser:

Windows 8 and Windows 7,
Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7,
Linux OS Kernel 2.6.18 or greater.
Minimum OS version: Windows XP SP2.
Recommended OS version: Windows 7 or later.
CPU: Intel® Core 2 Duo (C2D) 1.86GHz or better.
Memory: 3 GB of RAM
HDD Space: 4 GB available space
GPU: GeForce 8800 GTX (or greater)
Extra: DirectX 9