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AKick Antivirus is a handy antivirus application that is used to remove malware from your PC, and it also allows you to keep your computer free of viruses.
The application is ideal for both beginners and experts in computer security, as it can help you to clean and disinfect your PC in a simple, painless and efficient manner.
It provides real-time protection
The application includes a real-time scanner that can scan the memory, hard disk drives and file system for the presence of malicious files and programmes, and it can also scan the websites you visit.
You can choose how thorough you want the scan to be, and it will only carry out the action of removing viruses, spyware and other potentially unwanted programs.
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AKick Antivirus

By ankal2310.com Team

Are you tired of spending your time searching for reliable malware removal programs? Are you tired of spending your time searching for reliable malware removal programs? If so, then you have to get AKick Antivirus, and its features will amaze you. It will keep your computer clean, and protect it from all kinds of viruses. AKick Antivirus is the best solution for malware. It will quickly and easily clean your computer. Its features are :

Thoroughly Scan Online

You can easily scan online as well as offline, this scan will be helpful. It will remove all the viruses, trojans, spywares and other viruses in your computer.

Schedule Scan

Schedule your scan from 5 to 4 Days to secure your computer from malware.

Real Time Protection

It will protect your computer from viruses on the fly. You will not need to wait for it.

User Friendly

It has very easy user interface which will easily guide you in cleaning your computer.

With AKick Antivirus, you can quickly and easily secure your computer against malware. It will keep your computer safe from viruses and spyware. With its user friendly, and easy to use interface, it is sure to become your go-to choice for clean and safe computer protection.

AKick Antivirus was reviewed by Author A. Revie, on July 28th, 2014.

The review is powered by Android 4.1.2 4G LTE, and it has been installed on a Samsung Galaxy S5 – SM-G925F running Android 4.4.2 eea19f52d2


Contains the following features:
1. Setup & Usage: Auto Reply Manager for Outlook allows you to setup as many email templates as you like and enable them. You can even customize each template or group of templates.
2. Download: We have conveniently bundled the complete Auto Reply Manager for Outlook in one Zip file. You can download it freely, get the software and start using it immediately.
3. Save Money: This add-in will save you money by avoiding the unnecessary expense of sending out non-business related emails. The software will also save you time and will eliminate the need to write out every email manually.
4. Easy to Use: This software is so easy to use that you can configure it in just minutes, without the need to have any technical knowledge or expertise.
5. Works with all email clients including Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010, Exchange Server 2007 and 2010, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari, and most IM clients.
6. Works with standard and long email messages.
7. Will work with Outlook Express as well as on the Windows Live Mail web-based email client.
8. Does not modify the Inbox; it sends email messages to another folder that is linked to the Inbox.
9. The emails will be formatted according to the user’s preference. The program will not change the recipient’s email address.
10. The recipient will get an email notification when the software has sent out the email.
11. Emails are sent to the Inbox of the recipient, and are resent automatically if the recipient does not open the message.
12. Email can be sent via the client’s SMTP server or from a local Exchange or non-Exchange POP3 account.
13. You can now use the Auto Reply Manager for Outlook to automatically send out or respond to emails for you.
14. The program will help you save precious time and money and will make your working life easier.

HighBeam Searchlight for Outlook is a new version of our useful add-in that helps you to find everything fast in Outlook. It has been completely re-designed and upgraded.
HighBeam Searchlight for Outlook is a powerful tool for finding things in your Outlook mailbox quickly.
The add-in searches the outlook mail folders, including both personal and shared folders, and the inbox and all other message folders.
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