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The tool changes the format of text, dates, phone numbers, email addresses and even links on a page. It is useful for you to be able to edit a variety of data without having to do any additional editing to the original document.
What’s New in this Release:
* Fixed a bug causing browser crash.
How to install:
You can download this extension manually from the link below or add it to your Firefox account using the link in the description box.
Download Print Edit WE for Firefox
Size: 2.4 MBQ:

how to get the difference between two dates in a specific format?

this is my current code, i need help to get the difference in days format.
var current = moment(document.getElementById(“datepicker”).value);
var end = moment(document.getElementById(“datepicker”).value);
var diff = end.diff(current, ‘days’);
document.getElementById(“result”).innerHTML = diff;

and my current date is:


You can use the moment’s format function:
var diff = moment(document.getElementById(“datepicker”).value).format(“dd/MM/yy”);

.TH zfgetcol 2
zfgetcol, zfputcol, zfgetrow, zfputrow \- set values of a column, or row, or both in a matrix.
.B #include
.BI “void zfgetcol(double *” “mpx”, int “irow”, int “icol” “);
.BI “void zfputcol(double *” “mpx”, int “irow”, int “icol” “);
.BI “void zfgetrow(double *” “mpx”, int “irow”, int “icol” “);
.BI “void zfputrow(double *” “mpx”, int “irow”, int “icol” “);
These functions set the elements of the array mpx in the
row and column that are given by
.I irow
.I icol.
They are just a
.I get
call, but using a subset d82f892c90

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This project is designed to run in a windowed environment, preferably on the desktop.
It will start a server (if it does not already exist) with a web-based “server console” that will be used to view and control the server.
The console will offer functions such as to select/start and stop the server, view the status of the server, view the log file and print a HTML “console” view that shows some text/data that will be displayed.
This project does not compile by itself, since it is a server. You must use the Compile server server from the project manager to compile the class files into a server.
Compile server:
This project includes a server for you to compile.
The server is run when you click “Compile server” in the Project Manager.

In this article we will discuss how to implement the Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) container in the dynamic Web pages of the J2EE Web Application with the RCP framework.
After you have decided to use the WebSphere Application Server 6.1.0, your next step is to install the WebSphere Application Server 6.1.0 platform as the EJB container in the application server. Before installing the web server and the application server, you need to perform the following tasks.
1. Download the web server and the application server, and the EJB container for WebSphere Application Server 6.1.0, and install them in different folders of your computer. For the recommended procedure, you can use the instruction provided in the guide “Installing WebSphere Application Server 6.1.0.” in the section “Installing the Application Server.”
2. In the path to the WebSphere Application Server 6.1.0 folder you want to use in this example, create the following folder structure, which will provide the following files to the WebSphere Application Server 6.1.0:
3. On the command line, enter the following command to install the WebSphere Application Server 6.1.0 and the EJB container.

The following illustration