zearn lesson 4 answers

Apache Flex SDK Installer is a reliable and easy-to-use Adobe AIR based application designed to easily install Apache Flex SDK and all its components and features.
Its main window displays the latest version Apache Flex SDK which can be installed on your system.
Apache Flex SDK Installer is specially developed for users who are not to familiar with the procedures and tools that are required when installing Apache Flex SDK.
With the help of Apache Flex SDK Installer, you can also have an easy and quick time getting started with Apache Flex SDK.

There is absolutely no reason why you should keep FlashBuilder or any other Flash Builder IDE to code with ActionScript as it has been replaced with Apache Flex SDK.
However, Apache Flex SDK installs with all the necessary files and features, and its installation process is very simple.
Apache Flex SDK features the following functionalities:

Create your Flex applications with a clean interface, using only the controls and layouts that you want.
Flex SDK supports Flex 3.5, 4.0, 4.1, 4.5 and Flash Player 10 and 11.
With Apache Flex SDK 4.5 and Flash Builder 4.5, you can also develop desktop applications with the Apache Flex SDK for AIR.
Apache Flex SDK 4.5 is available as a plug-in or as a standalone installation.
Apache Flex SDK 4.5 supports for Flash Player 10 and 11, and Flash Builder 4.5 has been officially announced to be compatible with Flash Player 10 and 11, but it is still in beta testing.
Apache Flex SDK 4.5 supports ActionScript 3.0, 3.1 and 3.5.
Flex SDK 4.5 supports design and animation features of Flex 3.5 and Flash Builder 4.5 supports build, run and debug actions in Flex 4.0 and Flex 4.1.
Flash Builder 4.5 is only compatible with Flash Player 10 and 11.
With Flex SDK 4.5, you can develop AIR applications using the Flex SDK for Adobe AIR for desktop platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) and the Flash Builder for Adobe AIR for desktop platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux).
You can also develop Flash Builder for AIR applications using Flex SDK 4.5 and Flash Builder 4.5.

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FullShot Enterprise Edition is a professional screen capture software that allows you to take and print screen shots of your windows. FullShot is a screen capture software that allows you to take and print screen shots of your windows.
It’s perfect for taking screen captures or screenshots of images you want to include in manuals, training handouts, presentations, marketing materials, and web pages. FullShot is a software that allows you to capture the screen.
FullShot allows you to take screen shots of various regions, documents, or even specific windows on your desktop. You can also use FullShot to print screen capture images or existing images directly to any printers connected to your PC.
FullShot brings you screen capture at your finger tips. With easy to deploy screen capture functionality, FullShot is only a click or key-press away and allows you to take quick, precise shots of your screens. Try it out today to see how well our screen capture technology can work for you.
Since its introduction in 1991, FullShot has been used for screen capture purposes world-wide to produce countless books, magazines, software manuals, training materials, marketing handouts, slides, presentations, web pages, and other publications.
FullShot Enterprise Edition Features:
High quality graphics output
Easy to configure
Watermark text, images, or logos
Very flexible – edit and save your screen shots as PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, EMF, TGA, RAS, PCX, CGM, XBM, XPM, XBM, PFM, PBM, CGM, XPM, CGM, PCX, XBM, XPM, PBM, TGA, and TIF files
Very flexible capture capabilities – select from a menu of capture areas, documents, even windows
Save your screen captures as JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PBM, and other common graphics file formats
Protect your screen captures with a watermark text, image or logo
Capture entire windows and cut or crop the region to capture
A variety of output options for screen capture images, including printing directly to any printer connected to your computer
Snap and save files as you use them and capture individual windows, text, and files as you work
Makes printing easy – easily print to your printer through a color, black-and-white, or monochrome printer setting
Make and share screen captures easily – from any other PC or computer
Turn-key screen capture software for training, presentations,