Zune Carbon Vista [Updated-2022]

zune carbon vista is new theme for Microsoft Windows XP. Its basically the modified version of Zune theme recently made by Microsoft but i modified it and it looks great.







Zune Carbon Vista

* zune carbon vista Crack For Windows Theme
* Author: Microsoft
* Date: September 6, 2011
* Website:

Have a little fun with your new theme by clicking the arrows to view the Theme Settings, then go and make the most of this cool theme, ah, the possibilities are endless!

Note: Since this theme is based on the default theme, it might not have all the customizations of the default theme.

Details for “zune carbon vista”

Great quality

The high definition graphics are just stunning, these are for the most part un-animated and seamless when it comes to rendering.

Out of all the themes I’ve ever seen, this one really is a winner.

Good look

I love the way the original Zune theme only allowed one layer of sub-elements at a time (if I’m not mistaken, any z-depth showed itself as a sub-element). This theme takes that one step further by moving all of the elements to the default Zune theme level, and allowing more z-depth.


Although this theme is based off of the Zune theme, you can customize the colours quite a bit. I made the gradient on the “H” smaller and the gradient on the “P” a bit larger. You can also tinker with the font sizes and styles and the other elements, to give you a more fun way to look at Windows XP.

Interesting things that would be difficult to do in previous themes

This theme uses gradients for the window borders and the grey title bar. You can adjust the opacity of the gradient and this causes the pattern to be visible below the lower z-depth elements, like the taskbar, buttons, and menus.


One of the biggest things I like about this theme is that you can customize the colours, the shades of colours, the gradients, text sizes, and other properties to your hearts content. All of this is done by editing a single file.

This theme is also based on the Zune theme, which it gets all the same cool features from the original. That means that you can create cute and unique Zune-like themes by simply adding a menu or two and modifying a single window.


If you love the original Zune theme, then this is

Zune Carbon Vista License Key Full Download [32|64bit] [Updated]

zune carbon vista Crack Mac is a plugin specifically made to modify the Zune desktop theme, giving it a new look.
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– Various media skins and other customizations (colored icons)
– New look and functionality for the Zune application
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Zune Carbon Vista Crack+ Download (Final 2022)

Install this theme right now to make your Windows XP desktop more beautiful. This theme is compatible with all versions of Windows XP operating systems.

Installing this theme has very simple. After downloading, just extract the archive from the downloaded folder.

After extracted the theme from archive folder, double click the exe file to install this theme.

Now you have to apply this theme on the Windows XP desktop. To apply this theme right click on the desktop and select customize option.

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What’s New In Zune Carbon Vista?

INSTALL Zune Carbon Vista : Download Tool here >>

INSTALL Zune Carbon Vista : Download Tool here >>

HOW TO DOWNLOAD Zune Carbon Vista :
1. First, Download and unzip Tool here >>

2. Open folder “vista” in directory “{Windows Directory}/Resources/Msdn/Themes”.
3. The Tool will update the files and then you have to restart your system for effect.
TO INSTALL Zune Carbon Vista:
1. First, Download and extract Tool here >>

2. After extracting Tool, Run it and then follow the steps by install tool.
3. It will take some time to Download and installed.
4. Click Finish.
5. It will be installed and start the Tool.
6. Now, You will see the screen like as below.
7. Now, You can customize it to your liking.
8. All is done. Restart your system to effect.
Downlaod Link For Zune Carbon Vista :

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